About Victoria J. Powell, JD, LL.M

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smart friendly impartial advice.  Really good advice.  

Victoria's financial practice is based on the practice of the golden rule.  She is a ninja financial shopper for quality products and services you need at one of the best prices, in a world of hidden costs.  If you are being overcharged, she's going to call them out for you. Unless you want to read that fine print yourself, which of course you should.  You signed that document that said you did, didn't you?

On her journey to understand where her own family was heading, she re-acquainted herself with the U.S. tax policy that makes it extraordinarily difficult for the highly taxed wage earner and business owner - including medical doctors, lawyers and other professionals, people who work hard for a living - to reach the comfort of a net worth high enough to retire.  Today, she shares the solutions she found...and speaks up about the ways our financial systems and institutions wrong some of our most valuable and hardest workers. 

Ask her for a second opinion about your financial and tax situation.  But be ready to handle some truth.  Ask your CPA and attorney to review your status with her at least once a year, or do it yourself.  And don't forget to make sure she sees what your investment advisor and insurance agents are doing also.  Either you are doing it all right, or you could do better.  If you don't know what to ask, try "What should I be asking?" or "How do I know if I'm doing the right things?" And don't worry, she's really friendly and easy to talk to, and surprisingly affordable given what you have to lose.  For a phone appointment, call  701.566.9898. or email by clicking the envelope below.

Registered Representative with First Allied Securities, Inc., a registered broker dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advisory Services offered through First Allied Advisory Services, Inc. Tax services not offered through First Allied Securities, Inc. Victoria J Powell JD LLM LLC is not affiliated with First Allied Securities Inc. or First Allied Advisory Services Inc.