Surgical Access for All, 79th US Section Annual Surgical Update, Seattle, WA
to Jun 17

Surgical Access for All, 79th US Section Annual Surgical Update, Seattle, WA

Many specialties in surgery are represented at this uniquely diverse and mission-oriented organization.   Victoria has been a frequent speaker at the annual meetings of the International College of Surgeons on topics in finance, economics, law and tax law, and she's personally aware the the heightened anxiety medical doctors should and do have in the new economic environment of Obamacare.  She offers detailed, current and holistic solutions to the financial pressures of surgical practice.

This talk will focus on in depth case studies of 18 surgeon's financial mis-steps, with guidance on what could have been avoided and how that could have been foreseen.  She will be joined by hand surgeon, Mark N. Permutter MD.

Airport Marriott Hotel
Seattle, Washington

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ICSUS Meeting and Publication Manager

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Victoria J. Powell JD, LL.M session content:

Integrative Ninja Nano-Economics:  Great Tax and Financial Ideas for Not Billionaires

Description:   Economics for the not yet rich are subject to the “too much to lose but not enough to quit” level of stress around financial decisions—what is the next right thing to do with your hard-won capital?  Financial decisions you make are inextricably intertwined with legal and tax consequences that will affect your results.  Real estate fortunes and late night infomercials are all built on tax policy with a capital T, but the devil, of course, is in the details.  LLC’s, FLP’s, deductions, credits, retirement distributions, monetized installment sales, passive loss limitations, your children as janitors…and later, caregivers! Victoria wants you to walk away from this event with a clearer understanding of these complexities and how to handle them relatively safely in your own context, now, while we all wait for the next 1200 page bill to become law.  You need answers to your legitimate questions—and maybe there are some questions you haven’t thought to ask?  If you want answers that are net of taxes, both state and federal, net of fees, costs, and net of spin, you might want to participate in this lively presentation.   Advance questions by email are welcomed.

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